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Goodfolks Opens Following Renovations to Historic Georgetown Building

In October 2021, Goodfolks opened their doors to their first customers after the historic M.B. Lockett Building underwent major renovations. The 130-year-old building quickly became one of the most challenging and rewarding projects S Watts Group has completed.

From Dry Goods Store to Goodfolks

Built in 1885, the M.B. Lockett Building is one of Georgetown’s most outstanding examples of High Victorian commercial architecture. The building became a Texas Historical Landmark in 1991. It is located in the Georgetown Square, alongside several other historical buildings in downtown.

This building was home to several different businesses over its 130-year history. In the last several years it’s been the location of a restaurant. When S Watts Group joined the renovation project, plans included a full refresh of the interior. However, plans grew increasingly complicated once the team got to work.

Ensuring Structural integrity

In 1998, the M.B. Lockett Building survived a large coal fire. Much of the building suffered severe fire and water damage. Repairs were completed on the building afterward, however, issues remained.

When the S Watts Group team began renovations, our crew had to do extensive work to redo all the walls in the kitchen and much of the wood framing. The work that went into replacing the fire and water-damaged structure of the building was some of the toughest work the S Watts Group team has done.

Structural issues continued throughout the space. The mezzanine level required additional reinforcement to ensure the level was structurally sound. At times, the hurdles presented by the project seemed to change hourly as crews discovered new issues with the structure as they tore into walls during the renovation. 

“Overcoming these challenges is a clear demonstration of our teamwork and dedication to presenting high-end results as we meet client expectations. Our team worked incredibly hard and that shows in the results. This project  was a wonderful one to be apart of and is truly a show stopper.”

Restaurant Layout

Goodfolks restaurant welcomes customers with an open-concept design featuring a mezzanine level. The floor plan includes the central kitchen, a bar on each floor, and four bathrooms.

Refreshing the space included extensive work to the utilities of the building. With the installation of the two bars, S Watts Group completed new underfloor plumbing and drain lines. Additionally, our team worked alongside Coca-Cola to bring in soda dispensers and the CO2 regulators.

Focusing on the kitchen, everything was new except for the vent hood over the stoves and fryers. From the flooring system to the appliances, the owners invested in top-of-the-line equipment for staff.

More interior updates of the Goodfolks included handrails, stairs, ceiling and floor tiles, and other furnishings. On the exterior of the M.B. Lockett Building, S Watts Group refinished the brick and installed all new windows.

Project Results

While challenging at times, renovations of the M.B. Lockett Building resulted in a beautiful, custom-designed restaurant space. Through collaboration, the S Watts Group team came together with the architectural team, the engineers, and the owners to keep this project on track while remaining on budget as much as possible.

“With our team’s knowledge, when issues did arise, we were able to do the right things to fix them. We know the owners are not going to have issues later down the road because we got it right.” 

The unique features of Goodfolks will contribute to the beautiful area of Georgetown Square. Check out the space and grab a bite to eat by visiting Goodfolks at 119 W 7th Street. 

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